Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Quiet

It's been pretty quiet here at DruidUU lately and I can hardly believe it's been since mid-October that I posted last. Of course, not blogging means I was very busy in other areas of my life, as usually happens in the wonderful autumn season. Community theater, a busy work schedule and taking time to enjoy the wonders of the natural world have filled my days, weeks and nights over the past month and a half.

Just a couple of days ago we got our first official snowstorm of the upcoming winter season. The woods were simply covered in white and the sun shone the next day, leaving a thick, glistening and glorious blanket over every branch and twig. I've taken time to walk about three miles each of the past few days, camera and binoculars in hand. Doing so makes me realize how much I've been missing. While I've done some trips and led some outdoor programs at work, the daily routine of spending time outside just to soak everything in was left aside for a little while. That's a slippery slope, my friends. Too soon, you realize that weeks start slipping by, nature eases into a new season and you've missed something important.

The first snowstorm of the season
Sunrise was beautiful this morning and I saw two Bald Eagles before I even stepped foot inside my workplace. From my office window I saw another fly by, then on my walk I witnessed two sub-adults soaring overhead. To miss the eagles would have been a tragedy. Yes, they would have gone about their business and likely wouldn't have missed my appearance. But I certainly would have missed something grand, spiritual and meaningful. They gave me gifts, you see, but I had to be present in order to receive them.

My wish for you, Dear Reader, is that you take time (even if you have to steal just a few special moments) to receive the gifts that Mother Nature has to offer us. Snowflakes and eagles, otter tracks and feisty chickadees are gifts of peace for your soul. They are there for all of us, given freely without payment, if only we decide to pay attention.

Yours under the Snowy Oaks,

Skybranch /|\

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